(Not Kain's! >:3)

I awoke with my arms bolted to a table. Didn't I just lose them both? I looked down to see my leg was back. Was this a dream or something? Well, that was good! That meant that annoying girl with the goggles didn't exist. Suddenly, a young woman appeared from no where, with a screwdriver and large goggles over her eyes... Oh hell.

"There you go! Good as new! Teehee!" My eyes twitched with annoyance and a hint of rage. I growled childishly, as she oogled me with a "I know something you don't know" face.

"What!" I growled, she jumped at that. She turned, still giggling.

"Nothing, just that you look adorable when you're angry! Teehee!" I was not exactly amused by this, and started to pull at the bolts.

"Now! The Construct Assembled for Battle and Exploration is unleashed! AHA!" She pulled out a remote with a single large button, 'Do not Push unless completely bonkers' imprinted on it. Wait, how could I have seen that from such a range, it was then I noticed:

"I HAVE A FREAKIN ROBOT EYE! SWEET QUEEN OF SERDIN!" the woman gasped, and pressed the button rapidly as I screamed. The locks detached, and I ran around in fear, before she grabbed me by the collar.

"Hold on, cowboy! Teehee!" She held me close to her face, her eyes were both different coloured, and her hair was a light blond. She also had a strange twitch, winking time to time.

"... Yeehaw...?" I chuckled nervously


We sat in silence, except from the occassional giggle from the girl, and the clicking of some strange mechanical monster she was fiddling with.

"Anyway, nice to meet you! I'm Sinclaire! Teehee!" I pulled out a cigarette, and searched for pockets on my new white trenchcoat.

"You're lucky, I had trouble swiping that coat from dad! Heehee!" She hopped up, grabbed hold of my arm, and pressed a button. Suddenly the tip of my finger went alight, and she lit the cigarette with it.

"Bloody 'ell..." I muttered, putting it to my mouth. She stared blankly at me, mouth wide open.

"What? Is there a spider on me? Get it off!" She suddenly tackled me to the ground:

"STOP! DROP! AND ROLL!" I spat my cig onto the floor, and she stamped it insanely, I growled

"What the hell is wrong with you, woman?!" She glared at me.

"You're a robot, silly, that would've blown you up! Hee!" I swept myself off, and stood up.

"Exactly! What the hell is wrong with you? That's it, I'm done!" I glanced left and right for a table or chair to kick to the floor, but found nothing.

"... Bye." I stomped off, and kicked the door open, which only rebounded off the wall and crashed squarely onto my face, knocking me out

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