Season 2's Burnora

Burnora is a large Demon Fire Snake that lives at the end of Burnora's Falls. He is roughly the size of Treant, the very first boss in the game. But don't let his size fool you. He moves like a Vile Naga and moves as fast as the boss Gaikoz. His attacks consist of a one combo move, two regular attacks and two special attacks as well as one DANGER attack. His combo is him rushing at you punching you twice, once with each fist and if you don't move by then you're locked in to the attack. He then swings his tail and then knocked you into the side of the screen behind your character with a fire punch from his left fist. His first regular attack is to swing his tail knocking you back and down. His second is to scratch you with his right hands giant set of claws. His first special is to jump up and coming crashing down on top of you with his right claw extended which does a great deal of damage then he throws you up with the same claw and turns and smacks you out of the air with his tail into the ground. Burnora's second special is to do a move exactly like Gaikoz air slash but with his left claw. This move unlike Gaikoz has instead of purple slice marks going forward, fiery claw marks that grow taller until they are as tall as the screen. Finally Burnora's last attack, his DANGER one consists of him jumping up and off screen and then the DANGER sign appearing and then him making a loud hissing noise which has the same effect Vennessa's howl does, it switches your left and right buttons for 5 seconds. Then he shoots down a pillar of fire as wide as he is into the stage straight down below him which if not avoided can be an instant suicide if you get hit and you're below lvl 65. Once done he lands back in the spot he was. Unfortunately he doesn't stay above the same place he jumps from. He moves above the biggest gathering of players and does this about two feet behind them. This move can be avoided if when you hear him hiss you quickly move about ten feet to the right. Remember though your buttons will be switched so hit the left button not the right.


Burnora's Falls