Blue Magic is an ancient offensive art that was banned from use due to the severity and long lasting damage it caused. Unlike Black Magic, which aims to physically injure foes, Blue Magic

One of the many chilling images that occur when exposed to Blue Magic

hinders their psyche, and forces them to see delusions, or lose control of their body (Confusion isn't a Blue Magic spell, since physically contact is needed for it to be caused). After the execution of Altelier, the last practioner of the art, it was thought to have been lost, yet Ianthe, one of Antheias Crimson mages tried to ressurect it, yet she failed, and died herself.

Uses in the course of the seriesEdit

  • Kaze'aze herself used some form of Blue Magic to possess Lass and the Advisor to Queen Serdin
  • Altelier would constantly use it as his attack style upon joining the chase

Users of Blue MagicEdit




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