Kohnoi icon


Kohnoi uses a Nara, see his char page for more info about it or check the picture ;D

Kohnoi Second job Blade Master!

all 3 weapons form into a large dagger, somthing i forgot to add



Z: a slash with his 2 daggers (2 hits)

Z-Z: above followed by a low kick

Z-Z-Z: all of the above with a flurry of slashes from his right hand weapon ending the combo

1: a spin followed by a strong kick

2: his right hand grows large and spirals them as a small explosion follows

3. kohnoi jumps into the ait and fires 3 dark sillouttes of himself that explode on contact.


Z: a slash.

Z-Z: 2 slashes.

Z-Z-Z: 2 slashes and a kick upward.

Z-Z-Z-Z: all above and a mini, mini explosion.

1.a spin followed by a mega-slash-ish attack

2: rapid slashes ending with a large downslash making an explosion

3: kohnoi zips back and forth 4 times and stops, snaps his fingers, and makes an explosion about half the screen size.

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