Forgive me, former fan character maker, but your character is horrible so here is an example of what a good one is so keep working on your character.

Name: Nayuki Odahara

1st Job: Necromancer

2nd Job: Shaman

3rd: Death Knight

4th: Paladin

Job Weapons:

1st: A staff and shield

2nd: A wand

3rd: 2 medium sized pitch-forks from Prism Ark

4th: A winged sword (Prism Ark) and matching shield


Age: 13

Race: Half elf half human

Like: Sweets, flowers, and shiny things.

Dislike: Unknown

Hometown: Primerva

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: White

Skin: Creamy

Body: Slim

Permanent Pet: Lilith and then evolves to Lucretia later on

Romantic Interest: Though Isamu loves Nayuki at first... and didn't even tell her... She loves the childish Neko, the half human half cat guy


Nayuki is a village girl who's parents are tavern owners. Her father is an elf and her mother is a human. She have an friend named Isamu with his grandpa living with them. She was attacked by monsters (again) and was saved by the Grand Chase. They asked where the exit was and so Nayuki showed them the way. When showing the team the exit to Primerva, a dragon was guarding the exit and won't move until you kill it. Well, the team did kill it, but Nayuki STOLE the dragon's dark magic because well, it's shiny... and that's how she became a necromancer. Elesis yelled at Nayuki and well, Lire stopped Elesis from shouting and go to the exit. Lilith will appear and asked the team to let Nayuki join to forgive this accident and to take this dark power off her.

Unlocking her: Please forgive my new master and let her join the team. - Lilith What do you mean "master"? Anyway, I'm so sorry! Please forgive me! I'll join the team if I have to! But I won't do it for free you know. - Nayuki


Get 10 Emery Flowers at Primerva 3 stars. 25% drop Get 20 colorful gemstones at Kungji Forest 3 stars. 50% drop


Get 10 gems.


Entering: "Yay! New playmates!" Taunt: "Isamu's grandpa is faster than you..."

Counter: "Mommy!"

Win: "Yay! Can we do it again?" Lose: "That's not fair! I wasn't ready!"

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