Cabe was partially unconsious from the boredom, as Sinclaire stealthily updated his weapon systems.

"Woah! What he heck are these things?" He gasped as he awoke, waving two arm cannons in the air.

"A gift from the future, my treat for your hard work! Teehee!" Sinclaire winked. Cabe's frown turned into a grin.

Attack: High

Defence: Medium

Vitality: Medium

Speed: Medium


Jet Sting: Cabe throws his cannons into the air, throwing his claw hands into the cannons themselves, before firing his lightning claws.

Mega Buster: Cabe fuses his cannons together, and fire on large energy bomblet that detonates at touch with foes. It moves slowly, but causes huge damage, and grows as it moves.

R.P.S!: Cabe leaps into the air in a spin, taking his cannons off and attaching them to his feet, revealing his claws. The Cannons fire, sending him forward at lightning speed, as he thrusts.


  • R.P.S stands for Rocket Propelled Stinger


"THATS all you've got?"

"Whats under your bonnet?"

"Lock'n'Loaded! Time to vaporise some monsters!"

"Where's the fun in THIS!?"

"Ack! Hey! Only Sinclaire can dismantle me!"

"Offf! Oi! You don't know how I'm wired!"

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