Queen Aerm

Mini Boss 1--Queen Aerm

Battle for Tyrenna or Tyrenna's Epic Battle is the twentieth dungeon in the game and is the Tuthisck Final Dungeon On The Redila Sailer and contains a platform map. It consists of monsters seen in previous dungeons, except at a higher level, and consists of a mini-boss on both sides: Burnora to the right, and Queen Aerm to the left. Please note that once you go left or right, you are unable to head back to fight the other side of the dungeon. This dungeon is supposingly retracing steps, as areas from Temple Of Blue Ruins, (destroyed) Demon Barrows and (destroyed) Lake Aurora are seen. Must Be Over

Part of Shadow Mission And Josh Mission requires that you defeat this dungeon on any difficulty once.

After (finally) getting out of Kastulle Ruins, Destiny is disappointed as they found no "treasure", but monsters instead. Raeo them makes a remark that monsters are "stalkers". A Voice interrupts the conversation, and warns them that Tyrenna is in danger once more (though the voice tells them its a "Fan Conitinent", its Tyrenna). All of them start panicking, and then rushing back to Tyrenna quickly.
They meet Queen Aerm who then tells them they were "unlucky" to have met her, but she was wrong about her statement. Then they re-meet Dark Bloodwind Fairy, who Elesis taunts since she gave it a good beatdown last time, and Tryloth remarks that Elesis is more "scary" than the Lord, which annoys it greatly. Ryan advises caution, but the Lord is beaten again.
At the raid of Aclurba, they meet a monster named Dark Anmon, He Was A Giant Dark Anmon Scout and then went crazy after being revived. After the Dark Anmon is defeated, he says that he "underestimated" the Chase, and then warns them about what goes on in the New World.

OneStar Battle For TyrennaOne Star (Level 12-14)Edit

Two Star (N/A)Edit

Three Star (N/A)Edit


  • Cratorous (Also In Dungeon) (In 1st Route As 1st Mini Boss Like Enemy)
  • Violent Creaping Chest (In 1st Route)
  • Violent Craic (In 2nd Route)
  • Violent Sceletal Craic (In 2nd Route)
  • Violent Drekka (In 3rd Route)
  • Stone Egrate (In 3rd Route)
  • Violent Bird Decoy (In 3rd Route)
  • Violent Deemon (In 4th Route)
  • Queen Aerm (In 4th Route As Mini Boss))
  • Dark Bloodwind Fariy (In 5th Route As Mini Boss)
  • Violent Warior Craic (In 5th Route)
  • Dark Wolf (In 4th Route, 5th Route & Final Route)
  • Dark Anmon (Boss) (In Final Route)



  • Storyline wise, most of the characters make their 4th Job Advancements (Savior, Nova, Battle Mage, Striker, Vanquisher, and Abyss Knight) after these chaotic events.
  • This is the only dungeon that is not an actual location, but based upon an event.
  • This is the only dungeon that leads back on a continent.

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