The Barsica Map Loading Screen Dungeon

Barsica Is A Dungeon On The World Map. There Is A Team Of All Levels: Level 45, Level 75, Level 63, Level 94, Level 78, & Level 46. There's Team Called 'Team Of World Map. Playing As JoshNotSmellFart, ShadowBlade777, LordRaeo, FallOfDawn & IHateBigEyes.

Enemies In Barsica Edit

Elemental Dwarfs, Underpass Waddle Dee, Underpass Snake, Underpass Gargoyle

Bosses In Barsica Edit

Dukkha, Tilion The Ice Snake, AncientBot, Pathak, Blobous Zag, Power StingRay, Rukkha, Wormixe

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