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Lire Nova amonset

Lire's 4th job, Nova
Gender Female
Home Continent Bermesiah
Hometown Eryuell Island
Weapons Bow, Crossbow, Great Bow, Composite Bow
Original Job Archer
Age 15
Affiliations Grand Chase, Elven Corps


GC Lire Icon

1th Job: Archer - Skill Tree

2nd Job: Crossbowman - Unreleased

3rd Job: Arch Ranger - Unreleased

4th Job: Nova - Unreleased

5th Job: Bow Master - skill tree


Age: 15

Favorite Activity: Anything related to Spirits

Pet Peeve: Monsters (especially the ugly ones)

Elves from Eryuell Island are famous for their combat skills, but are naturally pacifistic and try to avoid becoming involved in Human conflicts. However, in the recent years, the war of Humans expanded across the entire continent and a series of bizarre incidents occurred. The Elves decide to end their isolation and cooperate with the Humans. Working together, the Elves and the Humans discover that Kaze’aze is responsible for the havoc that is wrecking the continent.

To return peace to Eryuell Island and the continent, the Elves decide to continue investigating Kaze’aze, and form the Elven Corps to combat her evil. Lire is a member of the Elven Corps that has joined Grand Chase on behalf of the Elves.


Lire is one of the three base characters, and does not need to be unlocked.


  • "Are you ready?"
  • "You are so weak."
  • "Ow!"
  • "I was going to take it easy, but oh well!"
  • "Aw, it looks like I may win again!"
  • "Oh, no! I won!"
  • "I'd rather not get dirty, but I'll be your opponent."
  • "It looks like you guys need more training."
  • "It's getting dusty."
  • "Oh no, are you badly hurt?"


  • According to a Bingo question, Elesis, Lire, and Arme would originally have come from the real-world continent of Europe.
  • Lire is the only character that uses Archery; a Bow and an Arrow.

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