Fan Char. AquarisEdit


Name: Aquaris

Age: 17

Race: Elven

Gender: Female

Likes: Marine life,Water

Dislikes: Sushi,Dried up ponds

Aquaris is an elf with an unusal power to controll water.She finds it hard to lay a finger on any living creater.When Distroction came to her land she fled and landed in Hammers Reach were she meets Grand Chase.After being released from the cage she was held captive in,she joins the Chase a repayment.Aquaris can use water magic and water magic only.When in a diffecult battle she can use it to sweep away monsters and allow her team mates to escape.

Aquaris's first two job (aqua mage and aqua sorcerer) are all suport classes.They're mp skill help defend allies.Her next two let her summon powerful creaters to kill everything in the way.

1st:Aqua Mage Wepeon:Water Staff

2nd:Aqua Sorcerer Wepeon:Aqua spell book

3rd:Deep sea Mage Wepeon:Sea sperpent scale pot

4th:Water Conqueror Wepeon:Aqua Bow

1st job mp:

1mp:Bawards wave:A small wave send enemies backwards

2mp:Confusion rain:Aquaris makes it rain rain that confuses the enemy

3mp:Healing rain:Aquaris makes it rain rain that heals.

2nd job:

1mp:Water Ball:Aquaris sends a water ball at the enemy, semperarolly stunning it

2nd:Oceanic Waves:Aquaris summons huge waves to drag enemies of the screen

3rd:Heal storm:Aquaris brings in a huge storm that heals her team mates.

3rd job:

1mp:Angel fish:Aquaris summons an angel fish to eat a few enemies

2nd:Feeding Frenze:Aquaris summons a huge group of sharks to eat multiply enemies

3rd:Danger!Shark Attack:Aquaris summons a huge shark the eats a good deal of a monsters hp

4th job:

1mp:Orca attack:Aquaris has a huge orca come and steal hp from enemies.

2nd:Baracada:Aquaris summons a Baracada to come and remove defense buffs

3rd:Sea Serpent:Aquaris summons a Sea Serpant that eats half of a bosses hp/all of a monsters hp.(doesnt do this in pvp)

Aquaris theme would have to be Kingdom Hearts OST-Dearly Beloved:

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