Angelica is a researcher from the Skyress Kingdom. She was sent by her master to research about the activities of Kaze Aze. She wondered accros the world that's why she encountered the Grand Chase. She joined the team in hopes that they can help her realize her true self; a secret that has been never revealed until they met her.

Angelica's 1st Job- Guardian

As a Guardian, Angelica has small wings that ables her to fly ten feet from the ground. Her speed is low when on land but it increases when on air. She dodges her enemies with air based-attacks.


Sky Attack- Angelica will fly above and assaults on the enemy. (Damage: 6)

Carry On- Angelica will carry the enemy upwards and throw him to the ground with a strong force. (Damage: 11)

Assault- Angelica will slightly fly from the ground and toss herself to the enemy. (Damage: 5)

Flying Kick- Angelica will jump on the enemy using her wings and directing a straight kick on the enemy. (Damage: 6)

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