Amp Highlands
Amp Highlands

After claiming one of the 7 Pendants of the Sky,Grand Chase would continue on through the entire continents,finding the Sky Gods and reviving the Pendants.They would also try to Irrit and save him from the clutches of Xanxus.They now enter a place called Amp Highlands,where the God of Lightning,Lampo,lives.Now they must persuade Lampo to giving them the Power of the Lightning.


Lvl 53-55

Lightning Sheep Lvl 53

Electrical Spirit Lvl 53

Electric Lamb Lvl 54

Levi Lvl 54

Lamb of Lightning Lvl 54

Lampo Lvl 55


Amp Highland Map


The placed is rigged with electric spikes that stun you for a second,they look like knifes on the ground.

Also,lightning will strike at occasional times,the command "HIDE" will appear in big letters,signaling you to go the very ground,the platforms above will block all the lightning struck down.


Soundtrack:Vanitas Theme

Jade:We've made it to the most fierce land of all of Aggradon,the Amp Highlands.The God of Lightning resides here,you guys know what to do right?


Elesis:We got it.

Sieghart:Let's do this.


At the Mini BossEdit

Levi:Who are you heathens trespassing Amp Highlands?You may not disturb Master Lampo!

Fiore:Move aside,we need Lampo's permission for the Lightining Pedant.

Levi:I don't care,you may not disturb him!

Elesis:Guys,we don't have all day,we need to get through.

Sieghart:Red,here is right,let's go!

Levi:Bring it!

At the Second to last roomEdit

Soundtrack:Master Eraqus Battle Theme

Lampo:Sigh...I told to Levi get rid of intruders,sigh..

Elesis:Wait,that Lampo?! He doesn't look like a god at all,he looks like a spoiled teenage brat.

Amy:And he's dreamy!!!!!!!

Lampo:Guess I have to take you guys out...Go,Lamb of Lightning!

~Lightning strikes down and a bull made of lightning appears from it~

Lampo:Catch me if you can.

Elesis:Grrrrr.....he irritates me.

Lass:Let's chase after him!

At the Final RoomEdit


Hana:We finally made it.Lampo,please,we need you!

Lampo:You guys are really annoying,now I want to take you out!Armor Set!

~Armor comes from above spiraling down towards Lampo into 1 point,and Lampo obtains giant horns~

Lampo:Are you ready?

Sieghart:That is a suckish looking armor you have,I'm not scared at all.

Jade:But be careful,he is the God of Lightning.


After the BossEdit

Lampo:So...your victory over Spade wasn't a fluke after all.

Sieghart:Now are we worthy of the Power of Lightning?

Lampo:Yes,hold the pendant up.

~The Pendant appears at the middle of the screen and Lampo starts~

Lampo:By the power of the Lightning God,I hereby give the Pendant of Lightning....POWER!

~The Pendant is struck with lightning and it glows of green~

Lampo:Take it,it will be useful.

Jade:Thank you,2 down,5 to go.

Fiore:Onward to the next god! we go again.

Lampo's SkillsEdit

  • Giant Lightning Drill:Lampo will get into the kneeling position and won't be distracted,then he charges with horns that go a wide range.
  • Lightning's Murder:Lampo will say "Lightning,go!" and raise up his hand,summoning lightning,at this time you must do the same thing when the command "HIDE" appears and go down.
  • Light Blade:Lampo stores lightning into his horn and rampages everywhere causing heavy damage.

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