Staring across a mirror,a world in reverse
I saw a blank shadow that wasn't there
I reached out to that figure,but the glass disappeared
Trapped in that reverse world,I was lost
In that strange world I was alone

Flowers bloomed and die,my throat was horse and dry
sucked in that reversed world,I cried
I was picked up by the one whose eyes were black
his presence were bright,but he talked with the shadows
Sucked in the eternal darkness, I was alone

A red flower in the thorn garden,lost and blind
I was picked up by the one who was covered with fire
She was burning hot,but she never dared to cry
She wanted to fight,but she never dared to cry
but she was looking for something,so she said goodbye

A scentless flower,yellow and beautiful
I was picked up by the one whose voice was mute
Her presence was healing,but her wound was deep
she wanted to sing,but could not speak
she can't say anything,so I went away
A purple flower,encased in a glass globe
I was picked by the one who seeks for truth
She opened her books and wrote down her stuff
She was happy as long as she get what she wants
but she was too busy,so I walked away

A blade by the sea,salty and crude
I was picked up by the fighter of good
He loved to fight,his justice was right
He would purge everyone who he thinks isn't right
but justice came first,and I was last

An azure sword,wrapped with prickly thorns
I was picked up by the one who wants to atone
He didn't say anything,but was looking away
his presence were rough,but his touch was soft
The wind picked him up,and I was alone
An orange axe by the snow,rough and big
I was picked up by the one who protects something so dear
His sharpness disappeared,but he never complained
as long as his beloved from him wasn't taken
but he don't need me here,so I went away
A pink tulip,beautiful and tall
I was picked up by the one who sang a song
She sang a tune that everybody would like
She sang a song while her heart was blind
but she sang the same tune,a tune that I don't like
A clover by the mountains,small and shrewd
I was picked up by the one who fights for truth
Even though he doesn't know his fighting reason
his ready to fight,with his burning red passion
But he was too naive,so he withered and lost
An inverted cherry tree, insanely enigmatic
I was picked up by the one whose song is erratic
his touch was burning, but his aura was cold
he told me to come back where I came from
and pointed at the door that wasn't there before

I crossed the door, and there I saw
the lad in black, quiet and slow
I touched his hand, and he seem to wake
he told me a line, for the first time
he spoke in a clear tone "It is time"

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