The Chase has landed in Aggradon,the land of treasures and see a temple in the distance.Hana believes it is the Dynasty Temple.They must rest there for there upcoming battle,along the way they meet the guardian of the temple,Fong,a martial artist who is one of the disciples of Jade,the leader of the Dynasty Knights.He is to protect the temple 24/7 without any rests.When the chase found him he mistook them as savage pouchers and took them head on.Luckily,the chase overpowered him and Fong then understood their situation.He let them in and they plan on defeating Xanxus.(I'm sry If this is sudden to put Jin into dialouge I completely forgot he was in Grand Chase.Anyways,sry TnT
Aggradon Border

Levels & EnemiesEdit

Lvl 47~49

Moss Chomper Lvl 47

Skeletal Monster Lvl 48

Carnivorous Plant Lvl 47

Moss Golem Lvl 48

Fong Lvl 49


Map Aggradon 1


Soundtrack:Dungeon Crawl

Elesis:I feel weak...

Ronan:The air very tense...

Fiore:It's probably Xanxus,he's the one who can spread evil this far.

Sieghart:Come on guys stand up it's not that bad!

Fiore:Easy for you to say,you're a freaking immortal!

Sieghart:Heh,you never change do you Fiore.

Hana:Guys,I see the Dynasty Temple from here,let's go,we need to help the Knights!

Jin:Hmmm,let's go then,it be an honor to meet the legendary Jade.

After The Mini BossEdit

Soundtrack: Ruins of the Silver Knights Boss

Fong:Go back,Savage Poachers!

Hana:Fong,let us through!It's me,Hana!

Fong:Hana?Why are you out of the temple,you should be expel for watch you did.

Hana:Me?Expelled?Ha!Master Jade would never expel me!

Fong:We'll see about that!

Sieghart:He's coming towards us.

Elesis:Get Ready!

After the BossEdit

Fong:Time to finish this!Dragon Rush!

Hana:Finally getting serious,huh?Senbon Mania!


  • Jade pushes both of them back with chi and stops the fight.

Elesis:Who's that,she's so bright...

Jin:So that is Jade...Such Aura....

Jade:Violence is not the answer...Grand Chase come in you look weathered.

Sieghart:Thank you Jade.

Jade:Oh,and nice to meet you Jin,I'm feel bad for your clan,I'm still on the verge of finding whose responsible for corrupting the Silver Knights.

Jin:I hope too,anyways into the temple.

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