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Raide Icon

Your rival has arrived! Evolving his musical magic, Raide now uses an MP3 given to him by Sinclaire to fight enemies stylishly, he proves to be similar to the muse class, attacking from a distance or close-up, making him a flexible member of a party!

Finding that learning to live with melee combat is the only way he can defeat Jin, Raide creates a style mixing Jin's fist fighting and Amy's musicial talent to create a unison of the two, this lead to the creation of the Adversary, a flexible fighter who can be useful in many situations.

Stats Edit

Attack: Medium (Melee) High (Range)

Defence: Medium

Vitality: Medium

Speed: High

Attacks Edit


Eye of the Tiger: Raide crouches, before lifting his MP3 high into the air with a encouraging shout, boosting speed to all nearby for 20 seconds

Dance-Magic-Dance!: Raide starts to dance, before dramatically posing, pillars of magic burst by his sides

Final Countdown: Raide charges forward with a kick, before flipping backwards to lay on his back and spinning his enemies with his feet, soon, bored with this, he kicks up before landing on his feet, peacing the screen with a smirk.


Flip Flank: Raide kicks down upon his enemies before uppercutting them high into the sky

Incapitating Lunge: Raide quickly leaps forward and rolls, sliding across the floor with his foot out, intent on grounding targets in his path (Note: This attack has no delay time, it instantly begins as soon as you let go of Z)

Eternal Darkness: Raide leaps towards your computer screen and kicks a huge crack in it. In Pvp this briefly blackens the screen for enemy players, while in Dungeons it slows down enemy reaction time for 30 seconds, and you will be treated as if you are invisible

Quotes Edit

"Dance magic Dance!"

"You can't fight what you can't see"

"You thought Jin was awesome? Watch this!"


"I was too slow!"

"I don't know if I should be flattered by your failed attempts!"

"Ooo, I'm invisible!"

"Be careful not to bump into eachother!"