Sinclaire icon

In an attempt to repair her speed problems from her last job, Sinclaire has created the Administrator! Utilizing small computer chips as throwing weapons, she is much quicker then the Moderator, although her attack is still slightly lower, due to her new speed, Sinclaire can traverse the battlefield and quickly strike unexpecting enemies with ease

Attack: Medium

Defence: Low

Vitality: High

Speed: Extremely fast



Nano Swipe: Sinclaire quickly swipes her hand forward, releasing 3 chips at once

Atomic Thrust: Sinclaire swins a huge barrage of chips forward, growing larger the further they go

Ballistic Magnet: Sinclaire backflips into the air, firing yet another barrage of chips, after all hitting the floor, they return back at even faster speeds, hitting anyone left standing

Time Travel:

Praetorian Testudo!: Sinclaire summons a group of Roman soldiers who form the testudo formation, increasing the defence of all in range for 30 seconds

Hoplite Phalanx!: Sinclaire summons a group of Greek Hoplites, who march forward at great speeds, pushing enemies away and dealing great damage

Arcani's strike!: Sinclaire summons 3 Arcani agents, who slice endlessly ahead of her and dramtically finishing with a dashing slice (similar to Lass' "Phantom Blade")


"Your grave's dug out, I'll take you to it!"

"Okay, I admit i deserved that!"

"Technology, how would we live without it?"

"Need some more RAM?"

"When the going gets tough... RUN AWAY!!"

"Grab a napkin, your about to get served!"