Are The great priests of Serdin,They serve the queen as her gaurdians.

Coco train until now She was the last acolyte to Join the Acolyte Association.


An Acolyte has two weapons or modes,one is chakram(Only one chakram.It's for defense)and the other one,Keychain(Offensive)

Chakram mode

healing song-heals all teammates 100%hp.

Lady of the lake-A lady appears and gives all teammates 100%Heal of HP & MP.

Chakram throw-Simple,Coco throws the chakram(The chakram is on fire)like a boomerang.

Keychain mode

The Cloud of Death-3 clouds appear on the enemies and there's no escape,Finally the cloud

will suck up all the HP of the enemy.

Tornado blast-Similar to Air blast but differ in size,the Tornado blast is bigger than the air blast,So it can

Cause high-damage.

Giga impact-10 Deep Impact meteors appeared but colorful elemental colors,Colors you have never seen before on meteors

now the meteors will hit the enemy(As simple as that).

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