Loving card games, Leon has develop his playing abilities to the point of comat. Using an enchanted deck he can deal quick damage and travel light at the same time.

Attack: Low

Defense: Medium

Vitality: Medium

Speed: High


Joking Wings: Large Jokers appear on Leons back, giving him a super jump buff for 10 seconds

Go Fish: Leon opens a sleeve and billions of cards spiral forwards, dealing quick damage

Royal Flush: Leon puts his hands together, aiming upwards and firing his whole deck into the air. The cards then split and fall down around him, exploding. Similar to Stardust Rain.


"This won't take LOOONG!"

"I'll scatter my Deck

"Shuffled and ready!"

"I cheated, its up my sleeve!"

"Where did your troops go? You left the women and children!"

"Ack! Fine then, you shuffle the pack!"

"Offf! When did you become such a sore loser?!"

"See, they weren't so tough. I saw some of them even wearing skirts!"

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